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I like to draw paintings since I was a child.
I keep drawing until there isn’t any space to draw before I noticed and the work finishes while I didn’t know it’s done.That’s what it always is.
The motif are anything like vehicles,buildings,animals and people which have various personalities etc...It’s fun to get feel for expanding the world that I create.
 I majored in Sculpture at University.
Although I studied one way like human body sculprure and abstract sculpture, still something wasn’t quite right for me. At that time,I curiously felt excited to worked on the sculpture of four-legged creatures.
Since then, I have focused on creating animals and I have come to like it.
 Currently the major of my activity is pottery.
Partly use lacquer, glass, and resein but basically persue the texture,color,shape of firing work.
Both three-dimentional object and plane are mostly the exquisite works which have a lot of characters, and the theme is letting these works tell one story.
I would like to create the work that make you feel clam and fun.


<Brief History of Myself> 

1981 Born in Kagoshima prefecture, grew up in Mihamacho, Chita peninsula, Aichi prefecture
2004 Graduated Department of Sculpture/Faculty of Fine Arts/Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts
2011 “Shiga Prefectural Tougei no Mori” Finished creation training (16)

<Solo Exhibition>
2007 「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition~Yumekui ichiza~」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)       
2008 「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition~Kuhsou doubutsuenn~」Gallery CEPICA(Aichi)     
2009 「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition~Kuhsou ryokouki~」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)     
2010 「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic board exhibition‐Kuhsou ryokou‐」Gallery Saronntosou ann(Aichi) 
   「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition~Kuhsou no tabiji~」Nishinomiya hankyuu Art Gallery
   「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition―one scene―」Gallerycera(Aichi) 
2011 「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition Wonderful World」Gallery CEPICA(Aichi)
2012 「Jumpei Yamamoto Exhibition―Wonderful World―」Shinnseidou(Tokyo) 

   「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Machikado monogatari―」Nagoya Matsuzakaya main building 
   「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Doubutsutachi no kakurega―」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)
   「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―12ninn no kodomotachi―」Hankyuu Umeda main store Garelly Sannsai
2013 「Jumpei Yamamoto ceramic exhibition―Doubutsutachi no kakurejima―」Gallery Saronntosou ann(Aichi) 
2014 「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Doubutsutachi no harumatsuri―」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)
   「Jumpei YamamotoJumpei Yamamoto art exhibition―Wonderful world―」Hannkyuu Umeda main store art gallery
2015 「Jumpei Yamamoto sclupture exhibition―Rakuenn eno tabiji―」Art centre of Tokyo(Tokyo)
   「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Umi to sora no monogatari―」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)
   「Jumpei Yamamoto―mystery world―」Gallery Kamigata ginka(Osaka)
2016 「Jumpei Yamamoto art exhibition―Harukanaru tabiji―」Hannkyuu Umeda main store art gallery
2017 「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Dennsetsu no tabi―」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)
2018 「Jumpei Yamamoto~Ikimonogatari~」Gallery Kamigata ginka(Osaka)
   「Jumpei Yamamoto art exhibition―Kioku no machi―」Hannkyuu Umeda main store art gallery
2019 「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Kaze no machi―」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)
   「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition glowing thoughts」Gallery Kitaokagihoudou(Aichi)
2020 「Jumpei Yamamoto art exhibition Wonderful word」Isetann Shinnjuku store Art gallery
   「Jumpei Yamamoto art exhibition Wonderful word」Hannkyuu Umeda main store art gallery
2021 「Jumpei Yamamoto exhibition―Wonderful word―」Houeikann Gallery(Aichi)
2022 「Jumpei Yamamoto art exhibition Wonderful word」Isetann Shinnjuku store Art gallery
2022 「Jumpei Yamamoto-Wonderful word- 」Gallery Kamigata ginka(Osaka)

2023 「Jumpei Yamamoto art exhibition Wonderful word」」Hannkyuu Umeda main store art gallery

<Group Exhibition>
2006 「Haiku sclupture」 (07、16) Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Library,Naha city, Okinawa
2008 「Tsuchiasobi no keshiki sannninntenn」Gallery of Noritake garden(Aichi)
2009 「Yakimono sannninntenn」Gallery Totaku(Aichi)
   「Tabi no tochuu sannninntenn」Gallery Fuga(Osaka) 
   「Dome Yakimono world new artist exhibition」(Nagoya Dome,Aichi)          
   「Shigaraki ACT2009-Tsuchitsunagi-10) (Shiga)            
2010 「Mukashi wa Minnna Kodomodatta」Gallery Shirakaba(Kagoshima)                 

   「Gennsou zukann」Gallery cera(Aichi)
2012 「虛幻之實」InArt Space (Tainan,Taiwan)
2013 「Koseiha 3nin ceramic exhibition」Gallery Totaku(Aichi)    
   「Aremoyakimono Koremoyakimono」-Artist・In・Residence twenty years history-The Shiraki Ceramic Cultual Park
2014 「Aki no hajime no harmony Jumpei Yamamot,Yuko Mori,Haruko Hosoe exhibition」Gallerycera(Aichi) 2017 「Yuko Mori・Jumpei Yamamoto陶二人展」Gallery Totaku(Aichi)
2019 「さいころ[骰子]、または賽、dice展」Monokoto-denchu(Hyogo)  
2022 「生々流転 台湾・日本‐彫刻展」Moon Gallery(Taichung,Taiwan) 

2007  Selected for the 28th Chouza prize of Ceramic Art Exhibition Biennale
2008  Selected for the 7th Nishiwaki city Samuhoru major’s prize exhibition (12,17) 
2010  Uwamuki prize at the 14th Shinsei exhibition
2012  First runner-up prize at the Biama Grand Kai9 
2013  Won the special prize at the 26th MBC Samuhoru art exhibition.  
    Special award at the 4th Japan art centre sulupture concours
2016  Encouragement award at the 26th MBC Sakurajima art exhibition 

<Artist In Residence>
2005   paticipated the artsit in residence at MARA University of Technology,Malaysia
    MALAYSIA-JAPAN ARTSEXCHANGE 2005 (Gallery in Perak school, MARA University of Technology,Malaysia)
2011  Got invited to International Ceramic Artist in Residence in Yeoju from the 6th Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2021

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